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Why hire the best stucco contractor ? Stucco Kings LLC is committed to offering high quality stucco contracting solutions to both homeowners and business alike.  We are your #1 stucco contractor servicing the Broward County area with new installation and repair.  We provide a variety of professional stucco services that make your restoration, new installation, and patch work a smooth and easy process.      

When it comes to choosing the right stucco contractor it is important that you select an experienced team.  As a professional stucco contractor our team of stucco pros are licensed and insured.  We deliver high high quality stucco installation with every job.   See we understand that no two stucco jobs are alike, some jobs require more stucco and prep work then others.  There are numerous factors that play a role in successfully installing stucco.  That is why you can be sure that with over 30 years of experience we have the skill and expertise necessary to insure your stucco job is a success. 


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Are you looking to fix broken or damaged stucco on your home or commercial property?  When it comes to stucco repair it is important that you hire a qualified stucco contractor.  At Stucco Kings we offer a variety of repair and restoration services that include lathing, restucco and stucco patch work.  Our expertise allows us to match pre existing stucco finishes to insure that the repair will not be noticeable once paint is applied after the curing process.  

Do more Save More on your next rehab project.  We are proud to offer more then just stucco for you next home renovation.   Learn more about our sister company Renovation Kings