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Stucco Kings LLC is Broward County’s # 1 professional stucco repair and installation team.  We specialize in delivering high quality stucco  services.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry we know how to deliver high quality stucco repair services that are on time and on budget. We are experts at stucco reconstruction, rehabilitation, replacement, and patch work.   We know how to properly repair damaged stucco to make it new again.  Whether you are looking for a cosmetic overhaul or seeking repair to stop water and moisture from entering your home, Stucco Kings prides itself on delivering first-class craftsmanship with every job.  Experience the difference with our team of professionals, we are your professional stucco repair company for servicing you with high quality stucco repair, replacement, and improvement services. 

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We are  your #1 professional stucco repair company in Broward County.  As your premier stucco contractor we offer professional stucco rehabilitation and new installation for a variety of commercial and residential properties. Our team provides expert stucco repair and new installations that fix broken stucco to mend it and make it new again.  

Stucco or Restuccoing of your home or commercial property is an exciting way to transform the look of your property.  Each year we help hundreds of home and business owners make old new again.  We are proud to provide the highest quality of stucco services to the Broward County and Fort Lauderdale area.  

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A proper stucco job goes a long way.  Not only does stucco protect your home from the inclement weather it also helps to create dynamic curb appeal.  Each year we help hundreds of homeowners transform the look of their home with stucco rehabilitation and new stucco installations.   Our expert team is capable of fixing broken stucco on your home to make it look new again.  Want to learn more about stucco?