Stucco Installation

One of the most effective ways to enhance your properties overall look is with the instillation of an exterior stucco finish. Choose a finish that best suits your desire aesthetic and watch your residence or commercial space transform right before your eyes. We specialize in a providing variety of finishes and colors that range from a smooth 'Santa Barbara" stucco finish to a more classic trowel down design.

Stucco Restoration

There are many factors you need to take into consideration when stuccoing and re-stuccoing a home or commercial space. Homeowners should understand that each job requires a custom approach to developing a method that is best suited to deliver the highest results. Each re-stucco project is different. It may include sandblasting, lathing, repair, or patchwork before the act of applying a new layer of stucco begins.

Skim Coating & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Remodeling your mid-century home and need help? Our team can assist you in properly repairing your damaged walls and ceilings by using a skim coating application. Designed to get rid of unwanted textures and patterns that date the look of your home, skim coating provides a cost-effective way to repair your interior walls without having to replace them entirely. Let us help you give your home a new fresh look without breaking the bank. The installation process involves carefully spreading multiple layers of joint compound. Once the compound dries we gently smooth the walls by sanding off any rough edges.

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Repair & Installation

Interior & Exterior Painting

When it comes time to paint the exterior and interior of your commercial or residential home we got you covered. Our team works quickly and efficiently. Seal your brand-new stucco job with a professional exterior paint job or brighten up your interiors look with a fresh top coat of paint.